Leisure Guide to London

Another trip around the sun and here we are again. The end of my winter hibernation brings the blogging bug with it, and my fingers are itching to talk travel. My parents are getting ready to go visit Kelly in Spain, but I may have convinced (forced) them to tack on a weekend trip to London along the way.

It’s been said that when “A man is tired of London, he is tired of life” and let me tell you, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been half a dozen times and I’m still eager to go back! My mom asked that I put together an itinerary for them while they’re there,  so I thought it would be interesting to share on the blog too.

Day 1: The Original Bus Tour. London is spreeeaad out and these tickets are good to “hop on, hop off” for 24-48 hours. This tour lets you see the major attractions from the comfort of your seat. The real travel hack here though is to use this ticket as a form of public transportation. For example, you’re hopping on at Oxford Street and wanting to go to dinner in Kensington. Instead of ordering an Uber or figuring out the Tube, just hop back on the bus and hop off at the stop closest to your dinner destination. Did I mention it also comes with a short and free river sightseeing cruise? Sounds like an old people thing to do, but you get great views of Big Ben/Parliament/Tower Bridge.

Day 2: See the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben up close. Take a tour of Westminster Abbey (best £17 you’ll spend), and then walk over to snap a pic of Buckingham Palace. Unless you’re into watching stoic men wearing bear hides on their heads switch places, then the Changing of the Guard probably isn’t worth sticking around for. I would recommend hopping back on the bus and taking a short ride to Harrod’s food hall. Pick up yummy sandwiches, chocolates, fruits, and haul your goods over to Hyde Park for a picnic if it’s nice out.

Day 3 (they have a half day): Picadilly Circus, Regent Street, Trafalgar Square, + any museum that interests you most. These museums are free!


PS: Interested in architecture? Check out Virginia Duran’s London guide here!

There’s SO much more to do in London than what I’ve listed here, so if you’ve got recommendations, please leave them below!

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